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Excursion Risk Assessment


Our Centre acknowledges the value of relevant excursions and incursions in allowing children to gain a greater insight of the society in which they live, and learn from these experiences. Our Centre will actively seek to minimise any risks associated with excursions and incursions.. A risk assessment will be conducted prior to any excursion or incursion. The risk assessment will identify and assess risks that the excursion /incursion may pose to the safety and/or health of any child being taken on the excursion/incursion. The assessment will specify how the identified risks will be managed and minimized.

Relevant Legislation

Education and Care Services National Regulations  (regulation 100 to 102; 168 (2)(g)

Bus Safety Act 2009

Transport Act 1983


Prior to the excursion or incursion the team leader of the playroom that is arranging the excursion must comply with the excursion checklist and conduct a risk assessment. The risk assessment must be approved and signed off by the Approved Nominated Supervisor (Susan Peters)

Excursion Checklist

Items to Take on the Excursion

Permission Slip Requirement

Risk Assessment

Explain all requirements expected from parent helpers

Determine the number of staff required to adequately supervise the children (Ideally 1 adult to every 2 children, or 1 adult to every 4 children) this depends on the destination of the excursion

Are any other adults required to supervise the children that need to have specialised skills such as first aid, anaphylaxis or asthma training

The transport to and from the proposed destination for the excursion (bus over 12 seats do not require booster seats)

The proposed route and destination for the excursion

Are there any water hazards

Will there be any water based activities/risks

The proposed activities at the excursion

Proposed duration of the excursion

Date Risk Assessment completed: 

Staff member completing the Risk Assessment:

Approved by the Nominated Supervisor: 

Team Leader to evaluate the excursion and supervisory practices after the excursion


Education and Care Services National Regulations  (regulation 100 to 102; 168 (2)(g)