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Enrolment and Orientation


Under no circumstances will we allow your child to commence care without all appropriate enrolment forms completed, including immunisation records and lawful authority orders.  Only under extenuating circumstances will we enroll your child without adequate orientation.

Relevant Legislation

Education and Care Services National Regulations  (regulation 168 (2) (k)

National Quality Standard 6.1


Priority of Access

The Australian Government provides guidelines in regard to access that is prioritised according to need. These guidelines are:

  • Priority 1 - a child at risk of serious abuse or neglect
  • Priority 2 - a child of a single parent who satisfies, or of parents who both satisfy, the work, training, study test (refer to FAO)
  • Priority 3 - any other child (refer to page 68 of the Child Care Service Handbook 2010-2011)

A further consideration is whether your family is a sole parent or a two parent family.

Although all effort would be made to avoid such occasions, because of these government guidelines it may be necessary to change either the time of attendance’s, or number of attendance’s, for families considered of lower priority under these guidelines, to make room for a family requiring care for reasons of what is considered within theses guidelines as a higher need.

Please be assured that you will only be asked if absolutely necessary, and that our Centre is in no way making a value judgement of your family. These are simply Government guidelines, developed to ensure that working and studying families have access and priority to available child care places.

On the occasion that we do make a request of you, your understanding and co-operation would be greatly appreciated.

Lawful Authority and Contact

The Children Services Regulations require all Centres to keep records of lawful authority, contact and residence arrangements for children. During enrolment you will be asked to fill in an authorisation statement in regards to lawful authority and contact relating to your child.

All sections of the enrolment form must be completed prior to enrolment, as staff will not permit a child to leave the Centre without the appropriate written authorisation from you. Persons unknown to staff will be questioned on their arrival, and lawful authority forms checked

If the person collecting your child is not listed, he or she will be unable to leave the Centre with your child, and we will notify you by phone.


Confidentiality is of paramount importance in our centre. All of the information provided to us by you, such as addresses, phone numbers, and custody information, is seen and recorded only by our Customer Service Officer  and the staff directly responsible for the care of your child.

At no time will information be given out without your consent, and any individual meetings that take place between you and our staff will be undertaken with the highest degree of professionalism.

Record Keeping

The Centre maintains all information provided by your family on computer and on file. We ask you to ensure your child’s records are kept up to date by communicating any changes to your child’s pertinent information to our customer service Officer.

After updating the central administration records, this information is forwarded to the staff in your child’s playroom, where your child’s written records are updated.

If you have a change in any of the following please let us know:

  • your child’s diet
  • allergies
  • change of address or phone
  • immunisations (dates please) change of work/study address/phone
  • change to emergency contacts

On your child’s birthday each year a Child History Sheet and a Condition of Enrolment and Family Information form, and immunisation update will be given to you to update and returnto reception. It is important that you complete and return these forms to our Customer Service Officer, to ensure that the care your child continues to receive remains both current and relevant.

We ask you to keep us informed of any changes throughout the year as we need to be able to know your child’s needs and be able to contact you throughout the day if the need

Daily Communication

At One World we recognise that effective communication is a vital factor in providing care that is personal and individualised. We recognise that when it comes to your child, you are the expert. Our staff rely on you to share with them your intimate knowledge of your child each day, in order to provide care that is consistent with your home environment, and to develop a program that reflects an understanding of your child’s changing needs throughout their growth and development.

Our staff in turn welcome the opportunity to share with you their professional expertise in child development, and to share with you their knowledge and growing understanding of your child. We see both parents and staff as a resource to each other,and therefore, as active partners in the care and education of children.

Daily communication between you and your child’s caregivers is an essential element of a quality early childhood program. We look forward to many conversations and opportunities for exchanging of information, and getting to know you and your child personally during your time at our Centre.

General Communication

The Children’s Centre, and the people within it, is not unlike a small community, and as such, there are always activities taking place and information to share with others. The children are central to the Children’s Centre community’s very existence, and we actively use every medium at our disposal to communicate to you the importance of the work we do each day with your children, and to encourage your involvement in the program and its’ ongoing development.

General information, items of interest and news relating to the Centre, are communicated to you through notice boards, displays, newsletters, website, enews and email and reflectionjournals.

In all manner of ways, communication is the key to the provision of a high quality child care service. At One World, communication in its many forms is an integral part of our work. It is placed with importance, and actively encouraged as a way to deepen our shared understanding of children, and to foster the development of mutually respectful relationships between parents and staff.

Enrolment Procedure

When enrolling  your child into the Centre the following will be followed:

  • Our Customer Service Officer will determine our vacancies
  • An appointment will be made for your family to look through the Centre
  • When looking through the centre your questions will be answered
  • You will receive and information bag containing a brochure, fridge magnet and parent handbook
  • An appointment will be made to complete the enrolment forms and begin the orientation process
  • Begin care

Orientation Procedure

The Children’s Centre has developed and fine tuned a comprehensive and effective orientation process to ensure that you and your child have a smooth transition into our Centre. We recommend that all families should complete this process, as we feel it is very important that both you and your child feel welcome, comfortable and settled into the program, before commencing care.

The orientation process may take one or more visits, having been tailored to meet the individual needs of your family.

Only under extenuating circumstances will we enrol your child without adequate orientation.

Orientation 1

you stays in the playroom room with your child and pass all relevant information onto the staffabout your child , such as (usually 1hr)

  • Routines
  • Food likes/dislikes/allergies/intolerance
  • Strengths
  • Interests
  • Family/sibblings/extended family
  • Pets
  • And to discuss individual expectations ie shoes can be off when playing outdoors, changed into new clothing before going home

Orientation 2

Your child stays in the playroom while you complete the relevant enrolment forms (usually 1hr)

Orientation 3

You leave your child for approx. 1hr in the playroom while you stay in the centre (have a coffee and bring a book to read)

Orientation 4

You leave your child for 2 hrs (but we will contact you if we feel you need to come back earlier should your child be distressed)

Begin Care

If you feel ready and your child is settled they can begin their normal booking

Any of these steps can be modified to suit your childs needs.

Two  weeks after the family commence care

Our centre co-ordinator contacts every new family 2 weeks after their child has attended care, by telephone. This is to gain feedback regarding the orientation process and to ensure both the parents and the child/ren are welcomed and settled into their new environment.


Education and Care Services National Regulations  (regulation 168 (2) (k)

National Quality Standard 6.1